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Zoom Tooth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening In Shoreview

Get A Whiter Smile!

Boulos Dental Care is proud to offer the latest In-Office Whitening System available, Zoom! Tooth Whitening. Just like the name says, “Zoom” is fast new modern technology that whitens stains from years of coffee, tea, wine, tobacco-use and more.

Just What Is Zoom!® Teeth Whitening?

Zoom is a tooth whitening procedure that lightens discoloration of enamel as well as dentin.

teeth whitening shoreviewHow Long Does It Take?

The total procedure takes about an hour in the office. First we start with prep work and carefully protect your lips and gums. Then we do 3 sessions of whitening that are about 15 min each. In between each session a fresh layer of Zoom whitening gel is reapplied.

zoom whitening

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect After Zoom Bleaching?

It’s not unusual to achieve results 6 to10 shades lighter. Dr. Boulos will review a lot more with you during your check up. Results may vary and depends on type of stain you have to begin with.

Do I Need My Teeth Cleaned Before I Whitening It?

At Boulos Dental Care we perform a thorough exam and cleaning prior to Zoom bleaching. The reason we do this is to achieve the best results we can. The teeth bleaching gel can’t not penetrate through plaque build-up.

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How Long Does Zoom Bleaching Results Last?

By complying with the guidelines we provide you, your teeth will always be a few shades lighter compared to they were in the past. We suggest to do touch-ups every few months either with custom made touch-up trays or crest white strips.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are some patients that might experience sensitivity during the treatment. Our dental team will monitor you at all times in case of sensitivity. As long as we catch level of sensitivity early there shouldn’t be much soreness afterwards.