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Has a decayed or missing tooth been causing you to feel self-conscious, struggle to eat, or making it difficult to sleep? Our restorative oral surgery in Shoreview, MN can remedy your pain and embarrassment! We offer a select number of surgical treatments in the comfort of our state-of-the-art office to relieve your discomfort and improve your oral health and function. Our dentists at Boulos Dental Care are experienced in oral surgeries and leverage advanced technology to ensure your procedure is minimally invasive, efficient, and predictable. Your treatment will be comfortable and safe, helping to get you back to a healthy and pain-free life!

Our restorative oral surgery in Shoreview, MN can remedy your pain and embarrassment!

Comfortable, Stress-Free Surgery

We understand that the idea of receiving oral surgery in Shoreview, MN may cause some of our patients to feel nervous and worried. This is normal! Dr. Samy is trained in the latest techniques, and he can keep your surgery as minimally invasive as possible. At Boulos Dental Care, we take extra measures to keep you comfortable at your appointment, so you can feel relaxed and calm during your procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask about our sedation dentistry options!

Oral Surgery Options to Treat Your Needs

Tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgery procedures. Each of our affordable tooth extractions is a simple procedure that can be completed right in the dentist’s office. During this procedure, your dentist gently pulls your tooth, being careful not to disturb healthy bone or gum tissue. Another form of tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, is often more complex, and can take up to a few hours to complete.
Bone grafting is a specialized oral surgery treatment that involves replacing areas of missing bone in the jaw. Usually the result of missing teeth, bone loss is an ongoing process. It needs to be treated before your jaw can properly support a denture or dental implants. A bone grafting procedure involves taking bone from the patient or a donor source and placing it at the site of bone resorption, or in the socket of a recently extracted tooth. Once the sutures are in place, the area is allowed to heal for a few months, to let the bone grafting material and jawbone integrate before further restoring the area.

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for missing teeth and are made up of three parts: the post, the abutment and the restoration. Dental implant posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone to anchor a new tooth or set of teeth. Modern dental implant surgery is precise, especially with our 3D digital imaging technology. Although implants typically need to heal for several months before adding the final tooth restoration, some implants may be eligible for an immediate temporary restoration for better esthetics while you heal.

For dental implants in the upper arch, we need to make sure there is enough bone tissue to accommodate the post, which is the artificial root of your new tooth. However, some patients’ anatomy may only leave a thin shell of bone between the upper jaw and the sinuses. With just a tiny incision, Dr. Samy can carefully move the membrane lining the sinus and add bone grafting material in a procecure called a sinus lift or a sinus augmentation. This new, thicker bone will provide a great foundation for implants and the complete restoration of your dental function.
Similar to bone grafting, ridge augmentation allows for the addition of bone tissue to combat poor bone structure. Whether from periodontal disease, trauma, injury, long-term denture use or developmental problems, deformities in the bony ridge can prevent effective implant placement, as well as affect the shape of your face. Ridge augmentation is a type of maxillofacial surgery that can help regenerate lost bone and create a better shape for the jaw. Once it heals, we can restore you to full dental function and a more esthetic smile … and all with long-lasting results!
If a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is usually the first course of action. However, sometimes the infection or inflammation around the root of that tooth won’t be solved with a root canal treatment. This might happen because of unusual branches in the root, if the canal is blocked or too narrow, or if it is shaped in such a way that the initial treatment cannot reach all the way to the root tip. In these situations, the tooth may still be salvaged with a procedure known as an apicoectomy. Using only a small incision, Dr. Samy can expose the root, remove any infected tissue, and completely clean and seal the area. Afterward, he will place a few stitches and give you thorough instructions on how to care for the area for best healing. This procedure is a great option to salvage a tooth that might not be salvageable otherwise!

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